Monday, December 5


Here is my recipe for DIY *EDIBLE* LIP SCRUB :)

measurements aren't exact....  :/
I put in (a lot of) brown sugar (delicous)
and a bit of extra virgin olive oil.
i added a tiny drop of honey, to make it a bit more sticky and tasteful
and added a little bit of vanilla extract, to counter with the taste of the olive oil.
**** note that there should be more sugar than liquids****

You could also substitute the oil for equal amounts of honey.... but I dont really like honey. :)

The honey and vanilla are to taste...
The sugar will exfoliate your lips, rubbing off old cells and allowing new, soft cells to emerge. 
The oil acts as a moisturizer

add ingredients until a thick paste is formed..... 
you can then rub the mixture onto your lips, exfoliating. 
and the final step is the most crucial and important step. 
you must carefully, quickly...... lick it all off  :) yum :)

ENJOY <3 x

My first pie :)

I made my first pie the other day.... and, not to bragg... but it was DELICIOUS! And i made it all my myself :) *soproud :P*

Heres the recipe :)

Easy Banana Chocolate Pie
Chocolate Chips
1-2 banana(s)
1 cup shortening
2 1/2 cups all purpous flour
1/2 tsp salt
5+ tbl spoons of ice water
(^add more if needed^)
9 inch pie pan

I mixed flour and salt in a medium bowl, and then cut in shortening. I gradually added the ice water, adding more if needed. You dont want it to fall apart, but you don't want it to be sticky.
I then split the dough in half, and rolled out one half, placing it on the bottom of the pan. I sliced up my banana, and sprinkled (however many) chocolate chips over top. I then rolled out my second portion of dough, and covered the pan. I cut slits in the center to let air escape. I cooked at 400 degrees... for about 35 minutes.... or until golden brown. 

After cooled, I put it in the fridge... and had a slice the next day... make sure to microwave it, to make sure the chocolate is melted... SO GOOD!! :DD



I've been gone for soooooo long! It's the last month of the year already :)

Recently I've REALLLY been into makeup a lot... and, as always.... DIY-ing.... sooooooo here's what i recently came up with.....

>>> A lipstain :) im always busy... so i dont want to keep reapplying my lipcolor..... and most of my lipglosses dont have a lot of color.... this way I can use my lipgloss, and once it wears away, I still have color :)

*note Im using my webcam, sorry for the bad quality..

I made this lipstain using..... (dont laugh) food coloring... and water to dilute the staining...

I put it in an old lipgloss bottle that i depotted and cleaned.....

*foodcoloring can dry out your lips... so use lipbalm afterwards*
                 I also made a cheekstain... Its in a cream/liquid form... I dont like to use blush, therefore this is my preference.... you can use the lipstain (above) as a cheekstain too, but it's kind of streaky and not very blendable..... SO I MADE MY OWN :D

I used food coloring and... (don't laugh again... :p) sunscreen. :) I was going to use a moisturizer, but soon found out that it dries up when out of its bottle. So I opted for sunscreen.... safe for kids, wont dry out, blendable, and cheap :) so I mixed about 4 drops of red... 1 drop of green (to make it more orange) and about half a drop of purple.... along with multiple pumps of sunscreen... just enough so that it doesnt stain too harsh, but their would still be colour payoff. :)

So thats what I've been doing..... making lip and cheek stains... whatta life :)

~ Bailey

Wednesday, June 1

a little friend

While searching through the many beading tutorials by My Daily Bead, I came across this little fella :) and decided to make a beaded penguin!

The tutorial originally called for bicone beads... but I didn't want to use mine up right away. So I opted for round beads for the body. It's a fairly easy tutorial. And only takes about 15-20 min.

Tuesday, May 17

May showers, bring May flowers :D

 Excuse my being away for so long... I havent gotten around to making anything lately.  However, it is 23 degrees out and things are starting to warm up. Lately we have been having rain, rain and more rain, nonstop, so this is a wonderful change. I have to telly you that May showers also bring May flowers. Including this one...

It is a beaded necklace. I used a variety of beads; purple, white, silver... I love this necklace. It is fairly long. I just love the pewter flower pendant also!


                                                      A close up of the beading. I just strung on a variety of crystal, glass and, yes plastic beads. And some pearls, too :)

Close up of the pendant detail.

                Well hopefully that puts a 
spring in
            your spring!  hehe :)

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Tuesday, April 12

This girl is ahmazing!

Check out this girl's site! I found her on Youtube, and she's awesome. I'm going to watch some of her tutorials, and make some things to post here ::)             JynDesign

Saturday, April 9

Aunties Beads :)

This is a site I have been using. They are great! They are located in the USA, but I buy from them a lot. Their merchandise is ahmazing, and their prices are really great, too. Not to mention that every week they have a new sale on, and boy are those good ;)

My favourite thing about Aunties Beads is that they have all kinds of tutorials, both written and videos. There are soo many options! The only downfall is that I live in Canada, therefore it takes a while for the order to come in the mail. But when it arrives, it's worth the wait :)