Monday, December 5


Here is my recipe for DIY *EDIBLE* LIP SCRUB :)

measurements aren't exact....  :/
I put in (a lot of) brown sugar (delicous)
and a bit of extra virgin olive oil.
i added a tiny drop of honey, to make it a bit more sticky and tasteful
and added a little bit of vanilla extract, to counter with the taste of the olive oil.
**** note that there should be more sugar than liquids****

You could also substitute the oil for equal amounts of honey.... but I dont really like honey. :)

The honey and vanilla are to taste...
The sugar will exfoliate your lips, rubbing off old cells and allowing new, soft cells to emerge. 
The oil acts as a moisturizer

add ingredients until a thick paste is formed..... 
you can then rub the mixture onto your lips, exfoliating. 
and the final step is the most crucial and important step. 
you must carefully, quickly...... lick it all off  :) yum :)

ENJOY <3 x

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